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My Bike

This is My SRX currently fully faired but I also ride around with a streetfighter look when I feel like it.


My bike is upgraded with Koni rear shocks, Raask rearsets, Telefix clip-ons, Wirth progressive fork springs, fork brace (courteousy of Manny B), steel braided brake lines, oil cooler and a Supertrapp "silencer" soon to be replaced by a BSM Vampire.

The engine is untouched but I have rejettded the carbs and installed a K&N filter in a now open airbox. On a good day it will reach 110 mph.

Update, Bike is currently in boxes, as Iím rebuilding the engine with new cam, ported head, 627cc comp piston and a Dynojet kit aling with the BSM Vampire high slung system.